Power Wheelchair Rentals & Repair

Power Wheelchair Repair

We have experienced staff that have been working with power wheelchairs for years and can repair/rebuild most power wheelchairs. Bring by your power wheelchair and we can often fix it on the spot.

We adjust brakes, replace the upholstery, replace tires, and do anything else you might need with your power wheelchair.

More often than not the issue is with a power wheelchair is its batteries. Batteries tend to last for 2 years for smaller batteries and 3 years for larger batteries. 

Power wheelchairs are mobility chairs powered by electric motors. A user can operate this wheelchair with the help of a button. This option is great for individuals who get exhausted while using a manual wheelchair or for those who have limited use of their hands. Power wheelchairs can endure tough terrain, turn in tight spaces, and are capable of covering relatively long distances.  They offer independence both at home and during travel.

We have delivery services available for an additional cost. 

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