Rolling Knee Walker Rentals

Knee Walker Rentals

Knee Walkers are a medical mobility device (also referred to as Knee Scooters or Mobility Scooters) that provide a safe, comfortable, and easy-to-maneuver alternative to crutches for those recovering from below the knee injury or surgery, which requires the foot and/or leg to be non-weight bearing during recovery.

Knee Walkers are designed for weight-bearing relief for those who have injuries that include: fractures, diabetic wounds/ulcers, torn Achilles’ tendon, sprained ankles, or surgery to the foot/ankle. They can also be used for partial or complete amputations of the foot for permanent mobility, or while waiting for the wound to heal and/or fitting of a prosthesis.

Knee Walkers utilize an elevated padded platform to rest the knee on and provide continuous support for your injured lim. This design enables the user to balance naturally using two legs, versus just one like crutches force you to do. You then move yourself by pushing off with your good leg and steer the unit by turning the handle bar to control the direction of the front wheels. Your injured leg will remain elevated and fully non-weight bearing during operation.

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