Modular Ramps With Rails

Modular Ramps With Rails

For Sale at Ray Fisher Pharmacy in Fresno, CA

If you’re looking to purchase a wheelchair ramp, you’re probably wondering which one would be the best purchase for you.

You might also be a little overwhelmed with your options. Should you get portable ramps or more permanent ones? What options might be best for your home for wheelchair accessibility?

If you’ve been asking yourself these questions, then modular wheelchair ramps might be the best option.


Modular wheelchair ramps are designed to permanently make your homey accessible for those in your household that may need a little help.

These ramps are usually more heavy than the portable options, making them harder to move. However, you can use them for quite a long time before having to buy replacements!


With modular wheelchair ramps, you can rest assured that your new addition will fit your home perfectly! We at Ray Fisher Pharmacy offer a variety of different options for our ramps. These can include different platform options and a variety of final shapes your ramp can take. Because of this, you can align your ramp to your front porch, making it a more natural-looking entrance to your home.  

Modular ramps can be assembled either outside or inside your home, depending on how you would like to use them. Many people use Modular Ramps as entrance pathways outside their home or as an easier means of entry via their garage. 

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