Vertical Platform Lifts

Vertical platform lifts are an excellent option when choosing an alternative to stairs for your deck, porch or garage. A vertical platform lift gives you easier access to the outside of your home. Sometimes called a porch lift, this outdoor device can transport you and your wheelchair or scooter from one level to another by a push of a button on a semi-enclosed platform. You can easily move up and down the lift with the buttons on the side of the unit. This cost-effective option will give you the accessibility to enter and exit your home as needed, without any assistance.

One major benefit that vertical platform lifts offer is that they ultimately save space compared to wheelchair ramps. If you live in the city, most times you don’t have enough room to install a wheelchair ramp that is up to code. For example, a staircase that includes seven stairs needs about 50 feet of room to install a wheelchair ramp. In comparison, a vertical platform lift only needs a 5’X5’ area to be installed. Because of their size and the benefits, many people are choosing to install vertical platform lifts instead of the alternatives.

Accessing different levels of your home, inside and out, shouldn’t be a struggle in your life. Contact us today to learn about our available options to help you better maneuver around your home and to schedule an evaluation.

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