The deposit will be returned upon return of the unit in good condition.

*Advertisement only. Rentals available in store only. No rentals are free. You can complete this order for $0 and we will contact you regarding your rental.*
This rental will be initiated once the equipment has been delivered to or picked-up by the Customer and ends when the equipment is returned to Ray Fisher Pharmacy Inc. The customer will handle all equipment with care and operate the equipment according to instructions given by Ray Fisher Pharmacy Inc. & the user’s manual if any. Customer will notify Ray Fisher Pharmacy Inc. of any changes to the equipment’s condition. Terms: If equipment is not returned by due date, a new rental period will automatically begin and the rental amount will be charged from the customer’s credit card on file. Customer will be bound by the terms & conditions of this agreement until Ray Fisher Pharmacy Inc. receives equipment back in good working order. The security deposit that is collected can be applied towards any damages or loss of equipment. Upon receiving of equipment back in good working condition and all charges are settled, Ray Fisher Pharmacy Inc. will release the reserve security deposit from the credit card or issue a mail refund check to the customer, which may take 7-14 business days. If the equipment is not received back, being lost, stolen or broken beyond repair the customer will be charged the full retail value of the equipment to be replaced. Customers are fully responsible for all equipment while the equipment is in their possession. Ray Fisher Pharmacy Inc. inspects each piece of equipment prior to delivery to ensure proper operation and warrants that each piece of medical equipment will be suitable for normal use and operation at the time of delivery /pick-up. RAY FISHER PHARMACY INC. MAKES NO OTHER REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY OF ANY KIND.

Padding kits cost an additional $42.

CPM Machine (knee) – Rental $25 – $525


About CPM Machine (knee) – Rental $25 – $525

Prescription Required for this item. 

Deposit Daily Rental Weekly Rental Monthly Rental
CPM machine $500.00 $25.00 $175.00 $525.00


Our Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) machine (knee) is simple to use and very reliable. It is also extremely versatile to fit virtually every patient or doctor protocol. Three quick adjustments to fit your leg, adjust the range of motion to your current range, turn the machine on and start healing. That is it. We make it as easy for you as we can. If you do have questions with the setup or operation we are always available. Many doctors recommend using your Knee CPM at night to avoid waking up with a stiff, immobile knee in the morning. Usually, you can set your machine to 30 or 40 degrees of motion, lower the speed and still have a very restful night with less pain and swelling. Use your Knee CPM during the day at the end range of motion for flexion/extension levels and increase the speed. You never want to feel pain with the Knee CPM. If you do, decrease the range of motion until you no longer feel the pain. Your goal is to feel a light stretch at the end range of motion points. This will help reduce pain and swelling while increasing your range of motion.

Padding Kits are available for an extra $30.



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Daily Rental $25, Weekly Rental $175, Monthly Rental $525


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