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About LiteRider Envy

The Golden LiteRider Envy travels a distance of up to 15.5 miles per overnight charge. The LiteRider Envy’s compact size and small footprint is convenient and easy to handle, making it a great choice for maneuvering through narrower doors and hallways. The Envy is also great in shopping centers and outdoors on smooth surfaces such as sidewalks and asphalt.


LiteRider Envy
Drive Range: 15.50 miles
Top Speed: 3.50 mph
Disassembles: Yes
Heaviest Piece: 37 lbs.
Turning Radius: 28.50″
Ground Clearance: 2.50″
Tire Type: Solid
Maximum Incline Rating: 6 º
Drive Type:
Rear Wheel Drive
Foldable: No
Armrest Options: Flip-Back
Legrest Options: Footplate
Seat Options: Stadium Seat
Power Chair Seat Width: 17″
Seat Depths: 16″
Back Height: 16″
Seat to Floor Height: 20.5
Maximum Seat to Floor Height: 21.50″
Overall Width: 22.50″
Overall Length: 36.00″
Joystick Options: Right
Adjustable Hanger Brackets: No
Adjustable Angle Footplates: No
Dampening Adjustment: No
Battery Type: 22 AH
Batteries Included: Yes
Battery Charger Type: Off Board
Drive Wheel Size: 9″
Anti-Tip Size: 3″
Caster Size: 6″
Base Weight: 37.00 lbs.
Standard Seat Weight: 23.00 lbs.
Battery Pack Weight: 27.00 lbs.
Weight Without Batteries: 96.00 lbs.
Controller Type: PG VR-2
Suspension: No
Handles Thresholds of 2″ or More: No
Seat Width Ranges: 17″ or less
20″ – 21″



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