Premium Gel Overlay – WtCap 300lbs


About Premium Gel Overlay – WtCap 300lbs

The Drive Premium Gel Overlay has head to toe gel bladders, 10″ all, to minimize bottoming out. With a high density foam shell and supportive base this overlay is an economical choice for pressure prevention. Easily attaches to any twin mattress with four elastic straps. Full length “head-to-toe” gel bladders minimizes “bottoming out” and “pitting”. New convoluted foam topper vastly improves patient comfort and air circulation.


  • Improved design decreases the migration of the gel layer, so the user won’t bottom out and the convoluted, egg crate, foam, top layer provides vastly improved comfort
  • 300 lb. weight capacity
  • Measures 34″ W x 76″ L



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