DuoDerm Wound Management


About DuoDerm Wound Management


DuoDerm is primarily used to treat bed sores, pressure sores, Traumatic wounds, ulcers, decubitus sores and severe burns. DuoDerm’s Hydrocolloid dressings have gel-like properties to absorb excretions from the wound and protect the wound debris and potentially infection causing bacteria. The length of time a DuoDerm patch may be left on a wound is determined by the amount of moisture in the wound. DuoDerm essentially creates a moisture barrier, they should not be used on people with infected bed sores. Under normal circumstances, wounds covered with DuoDerm are likely to develop a strong odor after several days. The odor is consider to be a normal part of of the product. Ray Fisher Pharmacy provides two types of DuoDerm: Extra Thin and CGF (Control Gel Formula Dressing)


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CGF 4"x4", Extra-Thin 4"x4"


Each, Box/5, Box/10


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