Telfa Ouchless Adhesive/Non-Adherent Dressings


About Telfa Ouchless Adhesive/Non-Adherent Dressings


Ray Fisher Pharmacy provides Ouchless Adhesive Dressing and Non-Adherent Dressings, in various sizes. The “Ouchless” Adhesive Dressing is highly absorbent cotton fabric bonded on both sides with perforated non-adherent film. it will not disrupt healing tissue by sticking to wound. The adhesive strips keep dressing intact. The “Ouchless” Non-Adherent Dressings are ideal for open wounds that have light to moderate exudate. The non-adherent properties keep the fabric from sticking to the wound, even as the wound heals. Because of its gentle nature, this gauze will not disrupt any healing that takes place, nor will it leave any residue. Non-adherent gauze often needs a secondary dressing for absorption as well as a bandage to keep it on the wound.


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3"x4", 3"x8"


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