Don Joy Comfortform Back brace


About Don Joy Comfortform Back brace

The DonJoy ComfortFORM Back Support is a low-profile, latex-free back support constructed with durable mesh elastic and molded lumbar compression pad to comfort and support the spine. Constructed with overlapping double pull straps, the ComfortFORM Back Support provides lumbar and abdominal support to promote proper spinal alignment and help prevent and protect injuries including strains and sprains. The silicone gripper strips on either side of the back-pad help prevent migration.

The DonJoy ComfortForm Back Support is recommended for moderate compression and support for injuries of the lower back and stabilizing support to help prevent spinal overload. Support may also be used to help protect against back injury during demanding activities.


  • Durable mesh elastic
  • Molded back compression pad
  • Double pull straps to promote proper spinal alignment
  • Low-profile design for comfort and fit
  • Designed for low-back sprains, strains and discomfort
  • Best for everyday activities



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