Tall Pneumatic Walking Boot


About Tall Pneumatic Walking Boot

Take the liner out of the boot and place your foot inside. Fasten the liner snugly with the Velcro closures, starting at the bottom. If needed, put the extra pads in for extra comfort. Place the wrapped foot into the walker. You may need to pull the upright structures outward in order to get your foot in. Fasten all the straps, starting at the bottom and firmly securing them. To adjust the Aircell pressure, push the bulb to inflate, lift the cap below the bulb and push the button to deflate.


  • CLINICALLY PROVEN to offer mobility, protection, and support for ankle sprains, stress fractures, postoperative use, metatarsal breaks, Lisfranc injuries, a broken foot, and Achilles tendonitis.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE AIRCELL TECHNOLOGY for personalized compression and enhanced stability during your recovery process.
  • COMFORTABLE, DELUXE FOAM LINER, wide toe bed and open toe design allow room for swelling and bandaging. RIGID, POLYMER PLASTIC reinforced shell provides protection and support on both sides of your foot and ankle.
  • LOW PROFILE, ROCKER BOTTOM for a more natural step and EASILY ADJUSTABLE medical-grade fastener straps, which allow you to customize the fit.



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